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The uBass is a 4-string full range bass ukelele built on a baritone ukelele body. It boasts a 20″ scale, 16 frets (with the neck meeting the body at the 12th fret), fretted or fretless versions, and a set of truly innovative polyurethane strings (more on those in a bit). This is a ready to go travel bass, and it’s sure to rock the market. Big time.

First off, if you decide you want to pick this puppy up, you need to understand something. The uBass is like NOTHING you have ever played before. Once you get past the idea that it doesn’t feel like your Fender Jazz, Gibson Thunderbird, or Fodera Monarch, then you’ll really start to have fun with it. Before going any further, you need to know that this bass is something. It’s something very, very special. But there are a lot of things it is not.

Realistically, the strings are what make a whole lot of the uniqueness of the instrument. Upon first touch they feel a little slippery. I mean, what were you expecting? They’re polyurethane. Have you ever noticed how when you (or any other bassist) first touch a bass, you play the first couple of notes on the G string? Well, when you do that with this bass, that means the last thing you’ll touch is the E string. What you’re going to find out about it is, it’s big. If you wanted to compare it, gauge-wise, with a usual string, I’d probably place it about at a .160. The thing is thick. However, if you really live being a bass player’s bass player, the thicker and richer a string sounds, the better. That’s totally true of this bass. They also have a good bit of flexibility to them, so you’re not going to play your favorite Stanley Clarke licks on them, at least not right off the bat.

The small frets are very helpful to the uBass. With thick strings, you’re not going to get stuck in a valley between two frets trying to shift between notes.

Tuning : E A D G

Acoustic Body uBass by Kala *

Kala Acoustic Bass Ukulele

Acoustic Body Bass Ukulele with Pickup

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